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Programme description

Pitch Bootcamp is a 2-day programme that joins students and recent-grads with great companies. During these 2 days, 150 youngsters meet 100 companies and capitalize their talent into building great careers. During the first day, they get training on self-value discovery, market segmentation and value proposition design. And on day 2, they put what they have learned into practice by pitching themselves to the 100 companies present. Here, they will get feedback on how they can improve their value proposition to companies and on how to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing between different career paths. This will ultimately lead to work opportunities and empowering youngsters to making informed decisions about which career paths to pursue.
Pitch Bootcamp has already 93 editions between Portugal, Spain, Mozambique, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, France, England, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Iran, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Brazil and Iraq. It has managed to create +3000 jobs and empowered +9500 youngsters by connecting them with great experienced professionals from different business areas. It is rapidly becoming the world’s most impactful career accelerator due to its model based on connecting youngsters with well established, experienced professionals. During the 4 years in which Pitch Bootcamp has existed it has managed to connect participants with more than 1300 companies (Microsoft, Google, Deloitte, KPMG, Redbull, Bosch, Ericsson, Cisco). It is an international programme that aims to contribute locally to young talent empowerment and connecting youngsters with great career aspirations with inspiring companies and professionals.

Goals and target

Pitch Bootcamp has the goal of empowering youngsters by capitalizing their talent into building great, successful careers. It acts on filling the gap that exists between companies and students or recent-grads, by connecting them in a very particular and unique environment. Pitch Bootcamp acts mainly on two levels: life-long empowerment and creating actual work and job opportunities. Through the mindset acquired during the
programme and by creating a relationship whilst engaging with professionals from different companies, participants will position themselves in a privileged in relation to the labour market. Their recently acquired knowledge will give them a very competitive
advantage over their peers looking for jobs and career opportunities.
The target audience of Pitch Bootcamp are, preferably, youngsters that are finishing their degrees and recent-grads. However, the event is open to anyone who aims to understand more about themselves and their positioning relatively to the market. This is because Pitch Bootcamp is a programme that has its value set on the participants’ experience, always aiming to elevate the intellectual perception of oneself and on how to capitalize that into jump-starting a career. With the training of the first day, participants will then learn how to easily communicate their value proposition to companies, thus making it easier to get jobs, internships or other professional opportunities. This will contribute to a higher youth employment rate which is, ultimately, one of the goals of Pitch Bootcamp.

Plan of action

During the two days in which the event is carried out, participants are challenged to look at their past experiences and find out how these value them and then share what they have learned with experienced professionals. In other words, they are first taught to think about themselves as valuable products that have a specific market value. Then, by being aware of their value, identify more easily which clients would be interested in buying their product – which companies would be interested in hiring them. And finally, actually pitching their value to companies and try to make create a real-life opportunity. This change in mindset will bring participants to a new intellectual degree where they will, from then on, be able to put themselves in a favourable position in relation to the labour market than they would before.
The first day is of Pitch Bootcamp is dedicated to training. It is an immersive 10 hours working day where participants dive into post-its and dig into the exercises workbook. These exercises will help participants navigate through the methodology being passed on to them. The exercises carried out during the day are the ones listed below:

Chapter 1: Product
o Exercise 1 – Skills SWOT
o Exercise 2 –Exercise 3 – Describe with numbers and results
o Exercise 4 – Associate skills with relevant experiences
o Exercise 5 – Pitch

Chapter 2: Client
o Exercise 6 – Customer segmentation
o Exercise 7 – Draw a value proposition

Chapter 3: Communication
o Exercise 8 – Communication tools check-list

After the training has finished, the day will end with a moment called ‘Lessons Learned’ where high-levelled professionals (CEOs, Presidents, Board Administrators, etc.) will share their personal experience on how they reached their current professional status. This moment lasts 1h30 and its content will be fed and maintained solemnly through participants’ questions. They will conduct the conversation by asking personal questions to the 3 guests. This moment is extremely valuable because it demystifies the thought that youngsters have that these people are superhumans. They will realize that they are regular human beings that have worked hard into getting to their current positions. This will serve as fuel to inspire participants into arriving on the next day with all of the strengths and confidence they need to face 100 companies and pitch themselves to them.
On day 2 of Pitch Bootcamp, participants will engage with professionals in networking sessions where they will find out more about each company and how they could pursue a job there and what exactly are the different job roles that exist in companies. In addition to this, and in order to challenge participants, they will participate in 10 min pitch sessions where they will have to face a panel of judges from different companies. During this time, they will pitch their value to the judges and get feedback on their performance. Each panel has 3/4 judges and they will evaluate the performance of each participant. The participant will get this feedback back so to know how he scored. They will be evaluated on: motivation, empathy and communication, value proposition and market potential. Judges will also give feedback on if they want to schedule an interview with that candidate or if he is available to schedule mentorship meetings.